Many of these products are must-haves for anyone recovering from surgery, have poor balance, or want to maintain their independent lifestyle. Below is a curated list of products frequently recommended by our team. However, it does not substitute for a personal assessment to determine what would work best for you or training on how to use them. For a personalized recommendation, please contact our office for an in-home or virtual assessment.

Disclaimer: These products can be purchased or rented from many other places and this page does not substitute for personalized recommendations for your unique needs and home. It also does not guarantee proper setup, installation, or use. Additionally, if you do end up buying a product using a link from this website, Hand N Hand may get paid a small portion as an Amazon affiliate.

Item Purpose
Portland Occupational Therapy Walker

Front Wheeled Walker

Offers more stability than a cane or walker with 4 wheels and a seat (4WW). Useful after lower body surgeries or when needing extra assistance for balance from your upper body.

Portland Occupational Therapy Walker

4 Wheeled Walker

Also commonly called a rollator. These have 4 wheels, brakes and a seat. These work well for people who need a little extra assistance for balance, but do not need to depend on the handles to accomodate for weakness in legs. They are also great for people who need to take sitting breaks as they can sit on the provided seat anywhere they go. They also provide a nice surface and basket to transport items (e.g. small laundry loads, plate/cup, medications or water bottle).

Portland Occupational Therapy Walker Basket

Walker Basket

Recommended for anyone using a walker. It can be a fabric bag, wire basket, or small fanny pack. If you ever plan on carrying items from one place to another, you will need to have a place to put them other than your hands (because your hands will be on the walker handles!). Avoids putting items under your armpits, in your shirt or testing how big your pockets can stretch.

Portland Occupational Therapy Walker Tray

Walker Tray

Useful for those who will need to be performing meal prep and carrying their own plate, bowl or cup from one room to another. Can become “top heavy” and tip over and can sometimes get in the way of folding up the walker. I recommend the ones that extend out beyond the walker opposed to the ones that are placed inside the walker. Remember, your body should be inside the frame of the walker, not pushing it in front of you.

Portland Occupational Therapy Hip Kit

Hip Kit

Includes several items that extend your reach and are used for daily activities. Usually includes a sock aide, reacher, shoe horn, dressing stick. Delux kits may come with bath sponge, elastic shoe laces or leg lift. Recommend these after hip, knee and spinal surgeries as well as anyone who has difficulty reaching below their waist.

Portland Occupational Therapy Reacher


Recommend for anyone with decreased balance, decreased shoulder mobility, or unable to reach below their waist (due to precautions, pain, or other physical limitations). Can be used to reach items off floor, reach items in a cupboard. They are also very helpful with dressing tasks. Many have magnets on the end. I prefer the type with vertical pinchers, however, the horizontal pincher can be helpful when grabbing items out of cupboards.

Portland Occupational Therapy Raised Toilet Seat

Raised Toilet Seat

An affordable short term option. I usually look for options that have a locking device in the front as the ones that don’t have a tendency to tip if someone sits on the edge. These are useful when a person has difficulty standing up from a low surface due to recent surgery or general weakness. Some varieties come with handles which can assist with standing up.

Portland Occupational Therapy Shower Chair

Shower Chair

A shower chair often has a back and 4 extendable legs. These are typically a little wider and more sturdy than a shower stool. Sits inside the tub or shower stall. If you have a tub/shower combo, must be able to safely step over the tub ledge. See tub clamp bar and grab bar for other safe options to assist with transfer.

Portland Occupational Therapy Round Shower Stool

Round Shower Stool

Typically the smallest, most compact shower chair option. Also recommend an option that has 4 extendable legs. Can typically fit in small shower stalls.

Portland Occupational Therapy Tub Transfer Bench

Tub Transfer Bench

Ideal for patients with a tub/shower and are unable to safely step over the tub ledge. Two legs are positioned inside the tub and two legs are positioned outside the tub.

Portland Occupational Therapy Bedside Commode

Bedside Commode

Also called a 3-in-1 commode because it is a very versatile product. It can be used beside the bed/couch/chair for toileting needs. You can take the bucket out and place over the toilet to increase the toilet height and provide a stable surface to push up from for improved and safer transfers. Also, they can often be used in a shower stall/walk in shower. They are often too wide to fit in a tub/shower combo. *This item may be covered by your insurance*

Portland Occupational Therapy Grab Bar

Grab Bars

Stable and sturdy hand holds next to the seated surface, anywhere a transfer happens. Typically seen next to toilets, in showers, but can be used in doorways, next to steps, or anywhere your hand naturally looks for someplace to hold on to. Will need to be able to install it into a stud.

Portland Occupational Therapy Toilet Hygiene Wand

Toilet Hygiene Wand

For those that may not be able to afford or have the ability to install a bidet, this extends your reach in order to access your bottom. Several different varieties ranging from a simple “tong” to a toilet paper clamp.

Portland Occupational Therapy Bidet


These vary in price and design. Many can be hooked up to warm water. These are a great way to maintain hygiene if you are unable to reach your bottom. This may be due to shoulder or back injury/surgery, general weakness or due to obesity.

Portland Occupational Therapy Furniture Riser

Furniture Risers

Most overlooked adaptive equipment. Recommend using these for low couches, recliners, love seats, or low beds when standing up from a low surface is difficult.

Portland Occupational Therapy Bed Cane

Bed Cane

Also called a bed assistance rail. Serves as a sturdy hand hold for getting into/out of or standing up from the bed.

Portland Occupational Therapy One Handed Equipment

One Handed Equipment

Variety of products to make recovery from arm, hand or wrist injury or shoulder surgery more feasible. Including, rocker knife, button aide, elastic shoe laces, sock aid.

Portland Occupational Therapy Versa Frame

Versa Frame

Also called the toilet safety frame. Does not change the height of the toilet, however, provides a sturdy rail/armrest around the toilet to assist with standing up and sitting down safely. They are installed under the toilet seat using the same bolts. Can often customize height and choose one or both armrests, depending on needs and environmental setup.

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